Job responsibilities :

  1. Research and social media advertising
  2. Research and carry out SEO strategies
  3. Manage and develop digital marketing strategies
  4. Develop program programs related to marketing promotions
  5. Manage social media and websites

Experience Requirements:

  1. Minimum 1 year experience of digital marketing
  2. Freshgraduate are welcome to apply


  1. Mastering digital marketing strategies (social media, SEO, Google search keywords)
  2. mastering pixel fb ads, retargeting, look a like, custom audience, and so on


  1. Women or man, maximum 25 years old,
  2. Education min S1 (Bachelor Degree)
  3. Honest and responsible

About Anaria Wedding

ANARIA WEDDING is a company that engaged in the marketing of Creative Industries and wedding products by online and offline, providing the opportunities for dynamic individuals who like challenges.

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