hhrmajob.com is an online job portal offering recruitment opportunities for job seekers to browse and apply to jobs using the email or link given, and for employers to post their job vacancies. The quality of jobs posted on our website is important to us and our users. Please follow the Job Posting Guidelines below to provide a good job advertisement:

1. Job Title
Please indicate only the Job Position (e.g. Marketing Manager) in the Job Title field. Please add the Company Name, Company Overview and Application Email or link in the designated column. Do not include other information such as:

  • Immediate Vacancy e.g. Urgently Seeking Marketing Manager
  • Salary Information e.g. Marketing Manager, Earn Up to 5K+
  • Job Location e.g. Marketing Manager (Vacancy in Bali)

Each advertisement should also contain only 1 job title and its job description (responsibilities and requirements). Similar titles are allowed, e.g. HR Assistant/Executive.

2. Listing Duration
All jobs posted will automatically set to expire maximum in 45 days, unless specified otherwise on the Closing Date upon submission. You may re post new job submission for the same job vacancy once it expires.

3. Discrimination
The Job Description should not request for specific attributes such as Age, Race, Gender & etc.

4. Duplicate Advertisements
No two advertisements should be exactly the same. Please do not post a job advertisement with the same title and job description more than once within 45 days. Reposting an active job posting will affect the experience of our users, Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

5. External Links
Links in the advertisement need to be relevant to the job position offered. External links to the advertisement that is posted on another job portal are forbidden.

6. Nature of Advertisement
All advertisements on hhrmajob.com have to offer a real job position. Using our portal to advertise marketing purposes for personal gains are not allowed. (e.g. Work From Home Opportunities)

7. Prohibited Jobs
We strictly only post Tourism Related job vacancies for Indonesia, Jobs deemed inappropriate by hhrmajob.com are prohibited from advertising on the portal and our decision is final. hhrmajob.com has the right to pending, reject or publish the job in our site.

We will not hesitate to amend or remove any job postings if they do not meet with the guidelines above. Violations of these guidelines may result in a warning notification or termination of your account.

8. Featured Job
Display your Job Vacancy on homepage, top position on matching search, as well as job menu, styled differently. Featured job intended to increase view of a certain job vacancies. This service is not available until further notice, please contact [email protected] for further inquiry

Thank you for your cooperation.